ultrasound (2)Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services:

Our hospital is equipped to provide a one stop diagnostic, therapeutic, dental, and surgical services for your pets’ complete health care and emergency needs. We are equipped with a full in-house lab to provide you with results in 20 minutes, while you wait in our reception area. This helps for a quicker and more accurate diagnosis and treatment of your pets needs instead of waiting for overnight results.

Surgical Services:

All major soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries like bone plating, TPLO, luxating patella and cruciate repair, eye and ear surgery including ear canal removal, ear cropping, GDV, splenectomy, and foreign body removal.

Cancer Treatment:

We provide diagnostic and chemotherapy treatment for cancer patients. We have successfully treated different kinds of cancers in pets.

Endoscopic Services:

We have the latest technology in endoscopic diagnostics. We have flexible and rigid endoscopes to diagnose acute and chronic gastric, nasal, bladder, and respiratory problems. We have successfully removed foreign bodies (ie. socks, hairbands, cloths etc) from the stomach without having to surgically cut pets open. We put the endoscope in stomach and fish out the foreign bodies. It saves money, time, hospitalization, medication and pain. We have success in diagnosing nasal, urinary bladder and colon cancers with endoscopy.

Electrocardiography Services:

We provide ECG services via Cardiopet which allows for immediate consultation with cardiology specialists.


We have a full in-house laboratory facility to run urgent blood work in emergency or pre-surgical situations. We have IDEXX Lasercyte, Vettest, Vetstat, Snap reader, and urine analyzer. We also do in-house urinalysis, parasite testing and select cytology. Early diagnosis assures the success of treatment.


Our dental services include teeth cleaning and polishing, tooth extractions, and oral surgery. We have one of the best air driven dental machine to minimize trauma during dental work. We have digital dental X rays to access the damage to roots and jaw bone. We are starting root canal surgery, oral surgery and endodontics in April 2012

Exotic Pet Medicine and Surgery

We treat all exotics pets including rodents, hedge hogs, reptiles and birds.

Other services:

Individualized vaccination protocol, flea control programs, dietary counseling, behavioral counseling, boarding, cat grooming.