When I started coming to Apex Animal Hospital 4 years ago, it was because it was closer to me than my other vet office. What I found was not only a closer office, but a very caring staff and a veterinarian who actually spent time with me as opposed to taking a quick look at my dog and out. Dr. Rana spent time with me explaining procedures by bringing me into his office and showing me the textbook. I was very impressed by this. As an RN, I am very cautious of vet care my dog receive. After Dr. Rana saved the life of my female Cocker Spaniel, I was hooked.


Feelings of immense gratitude towards a human being for saving an animal’s life are almost impossible to express in words.

I am compelled to do so in order to thank and congratulate Dr. Rana and the other doctors and nurses at Apex animal hospital for saving Otto’slife.
Dr. Rana saved Otto’s life and gave my children hope to believe in life’s positive force.

Eva Zogaris

Cocker Spaniel Rescue was looking for a vet who was good and one who gives us discounts, as we survive on donations.What we found when we brought our first rescue dog to Dr. Rana, was not only the discounts, which we appreciated, but more importantly we found a veterinarian who was knowledgeable, skilled in his work and most importantly very caring and gentle with our dogs. Many of our dogs come to us abused and frightened of men. I’m not sure how Dr. Rana does it but I can’t remember a dog that didn’t take to him. I recommended him to a breeder friend once and her comments, which I tell people all the time was “He oozes compassion for animals”………..


I have been bringing my dogs and cats to Apex Animal Hospital for past 10 years. In that time Dr. Rana and his staff have always treated my animals with concern and kindness. There have been many many visits. We have shared laughter and tears. Dr. Rana and his staff are dedicated and caring people.

Michele McGhie

The girls really know their jobs and the clinic equipments. Great idea to have most needs (diagnostic – wise) all set up at one location. Obvious care for animal is their first priority. Dr. Rana saved my Yorkie after a bad chemical reaction. Excellent food choice advice from Dr. Rana.

We have been bringing our two cats and two dogs to Dr. Rana for a number of years and he has always provided them the best of care. We congratulate Dr. Rana on his achievements in setting up a 24 hour hospital which has the most up to date equipment and facilities to our cherished pet. We should recommend Dr. Rana to anyone who wants the best care for their animals.

Evelyn and Bruce Batchelor

I have been coming to Apex for at least 12 years and have nothing but praise for Dr. Rana and staff. I have recommended this hospital to many friends. Dr. Rana is very clear in explaining the pets ailments and treatments necessary. This new place is so awesome.

Your new facility is very impressive. We have been very happy with the care that Rosie has had from Dr. Rana and his staff. They really do care.

Louaine Skelton

Our first encounter with Dr. Rana was when we required emergency medical care for our dog after she broke her jaw. Dr. Rana performed a very serious and complicated surgery but did an awesome job. We were very impressed with the work he did and also the reasonable rate that he charged after many hours of surgery time. Only 6 months later we required additional surgery for our dog to have her eye removed due to complications with glaucoma. Again, surgery was performed with fantastic results, no infections, or complications, and with beautiful healing. We will always direct our major veterinary needs to Dr. Rana. He is the veterinarian we trust.

Gail and Family

Please accept our very sincere thanks for your very kind and professional care of our Fergus through his 3 surgeries after he was hit by car. We are so glad to have found your first rated hospital

Marcy and Dennis, Mission BC

After 2 vets told us “he is a pup and probably got into some garbage” or ” change food, because he may be allergic to”. Apex vets did the X -ray and blood work to finally diagnose his mega esophagus. Now that we know how to feed him properly. We ordered special chair on which he spends 30 minutes in before and after he eats.


My dog is 4 1/2 year old king Charles spaniel. She was suffering from Chronic ear infections. Dr Rana advised that we operate on her ear. After seeing her suffer from the recurring ear infections, we decided to have the operation done. Dr Rana is very compassionate man who don’t like to see any animal suffering.. With a limited income and no pet insurance ,Dr Rana helped us out, which I will always be so grateful. He is highly skilled and able to perform operations that many other vets are unable to do. He is very dedicated to animals he treats. Sally would never been better since her operation. she is a different dog, more lively and energetic. I would never go to any other vet. I recommend Dr Rana to everyone who has pets. Sally is a family member to us and I wouldn’t trust her care to anyone else. Dr Rana and his staff are very dedicated to providing outstanding care. I thank Dr Rana and his staff for he kindness, compassion, dedication they have always provided to Sally