Tips for Buying Pet-Friendly Furniture


CATImage00027Your furry friend probably loves jumping up on your couch with you as you are watching television. Some people make sure that their pets are never on the furniture; however most people just allow them up there, especially when they want to cuddle! Seeing scratches and tears on your furniture can be extremely frustrating. It may even make you want to say “no” the next time that they want to jump up.

Here are some tips for buying pet-friendly furniture.

One of the most important things to consider when choosing furniture is the material. You want to avoid microsuede as well as velvet because they attract pet hair and will transfer the hair to your clothes. Look for durable fabrics that are thick. Some of the best materials will be crypton or sturdy leather.

The next element you are going to want to look at is the pattern. Small blocks of patterns will hide any dirt or hair that is on the furniture. If you do not like patterns, simply choose a dark color such as black or dark brown.

Our final tip for furniture shopping is to make sure that you can machine wash parts of it. It can be really nice if the cushions come off and you are able to wash them. Other people use slipcovers to keep their furniture clean and nice looking. You will simply want to make sure that a slip cover would look good.

Even though having your dog or cat up on the furniture typically ends up being a regular part of every household, that does not mean that you need to have torn and dirty couches and chairs. If you choose carefully, your furniture can stay nice, en with your pets using it.

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